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  • How to Reduce Fuel Consumption

    How to Reduce Fuel Consumption

    Especially in the context of an unpleasant financial crisis, every penny we save is welcome. By taking into account the next tips you will be able to save plenty of money with your car by saving fuel, so make sure you take these pieces of advice into consideration. Traffic [...]

  • Troubleshooting an Automatic Transmission

    Troubleshooting an Automatic Transmission

    There are various things that can go wrong with an automatic transmission because of how many parts make up the automatic transmission. Sometimes you might have a leak, which can cause you lots of problems. To troubleshoot your automatic transmission, you are going to want to have a series [...]

  • Tire Types

    Tire Types

    For many of us who are automobile owners, we make the mistake of not really paying attention to our car’s tires and when it comes time to replace them; we sometimes pick up the cheapest ones without thinking of the consequences to the vehicle’s handling performance. Automobile tires are classified [...]

  • How to Appraise a Classic Car

    How to Appraise a Classic Car

    Some classic cars are worth a pretty penny and others, well, they are not. There are a few things that will be obvious in telling how much the car is worth. Mileage is an important factor. Also, the condition in which the car is in will affect value. Authenticity [...]

  • How to Pass a Smog Test

    How to Pass a Smog Test

    Test Types There are a few different types of smog emissions tests that are required in certain states. There is a stationary test in which they test the car while it’s not moving. Typically this type of test is used only in country areas. Another type of test is [...]

  • Understanding Hydrogen Cars

    Understanding Hydrogen Cars

    Hydrogen cars are fairly new concept to the general public, but hydrogen power has been known of since the 1800’s. Many would say that, like electric cars, it has kept off the market to line the government and oil tycoon’s pockets. These cars of mostly just concept cars right [...]

  • The Automobile Transmission Explained

    The Automobile Transmission Explained

    What is a transmission? To understand the value of a transmission, a brief review of an automobile will be presented. An automobile, at its core, consists of a fuel source, an engine, a collection of parts that deliver power from the engine, and some wheels. When the fuel mixes [...]

  • How to Customize Your Car

    How to Customize Your Car

    How to customize your car is a subject that new and used car owners can benefit from knowing. Whether the new owner has a desire to be distinctive or the used car owner wants to spruce up an older model version, customizing a car can be both fun and [...]

  • Air Filter Maintenance

    Air Filter Maintenance

    When you open the hood of a car you will see many different components inside. Some of them you will spend your entire life never touching as most people do not have the knowledge of how to properly repair the part. However, there are many things under the hood [...]