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  • How to Diagnose Leaks in a Car

    How to Diagnose Leaks in a Car

    Everyone’s had it happen. You go to the garage or your driveway and you see a puddle of liquid underneath your car or where your car was parked. It can be overwhelming at first because it could be a number of different things that are leaking. Your car uses […]

  • 10 Tricks for Smart Drivers

    10 Tricks for Smart Drivers

    It is natural that we all want to think we’re good drivers. Sometimes, however, being good is not enough. If you want to be smart enough when driving your vehicle there are a couple of simple tricks you can choose to follow. Most of the advice presented in the […]

  • How to Run Your Car on E85 Ethanol

    How to Run Your Car on E85 Ethanol

    In the last few years, gas stations all over the country have been offering a product in addition to gasoline and diesel fuel: E85 Ethanol. Ethanol is a form of alcohol; the same kind of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. It’s made by fermenting grains like corn and distilling […]

  • Troubleshooting Car Suspension Problems

    Troubleshooting Car Suspension Problems

    The suspension system in your car is very involved, and includes many different systems that are working together. The suspension system is supposed to help you to avoid a bumpy and uneven ride in your car. If you seem to be having problems with the car not running as […]

  • DIY Car Maintenance – Changing Windshield Wipers

    DIY Car Maintenance – Changing Windshield Wipers

    There are so many different components of the car that many people will not hesitate to just declare that they cannot do any of the work themselves. However, there are many things you can on the car yourself from the comfort of your own garage. During the winter or the […]

  • How to Prevent Rust in Your Car

    How to Prevent Rust in Your Car

    Are you trying to preserve your cars shine and appearance? There are several ways to keep your car from getting rusty. Wash your car as often as possible, use wax on your car, clean up spills and keep the inside clean. Finally, if you have any paint work problems […]

  • Air Filter Maintenance

    Air Filter Maintenance

    When you open the hood of a car you will see many different components inside. Some of them you will spend your entire life never touching as most people do not have the knowledge of how to properly repair the part. However, there are many things under the hood […]

  • Understanding Hydrogen Cars

    Understanding Hydrogen Cars

    Hydrogen cars are fairly new concept to the general public, but hydrogen power has been known of since the 1800’s. Many would say that, like electric cars, it has kept off the market to line the government and oil tycoon’s pockets. These cars of mostly just concept cars right […]

  • Troubleshooting an Automatic Transmission

    Troubleshooting an Automatic Transmission

    There are various things that can go wrong with an automatic transmission because of how many parts make up the automatic transmission. Sometimes you might have a leak, which can cause you lots of problems. To troubleshoot your automatic transmission, you are going to want to have a series […]

  • How to Avoid Speed Cameras

    How to Avoid Speed Cameras

    It’s sometimes difficult to tell whether motorists are driving faster than they ever have before, or if the enforcement strategies of the modern age have simply emphasized the issue for the general public. The government has, in recent years, taken many measures to try and prevent speeding, this is […]